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The simplest piece of jewelry can actually be the boldest statement you wear.  Here, you see Ivanka Trump wearing one of the hottest trending fashion styles, the tassel.

Tassels originally were designed to hold knots at the end of a rope, hang on drapes as a home decoration, or to top off a cap and gown for a college graduate.  You may have also seem them on the famous Burlesque dancers in the past.

Now we see a huge fashion trend with tassels on all styles of jewelry ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even to style hand bags.

Wearing something as simple as what you see on Ivanka can truly change your style and your attitude.  Give yourself a look of sophistication and class!

Quoted in Elle magazine, Ivanka shares what tassels represent for her, “With heritage Motifs- Such as Curb Link Chains, Drop Necklaces, and Tassels – Dominating Fine Jewelry, It’s All A Little Bit of History Repeating.”

Repeat history with a sophisticated attitude and style, a tassel is definitely a unique piece you don’t want to not have in your jewelry collection!  Stop in to Free Reign and see the great pieces we have.

What’s your favorite jewelry trend?  Do you think history repeats itself in fashion?   

Shine Brighter – Even if you like to stay in 28 nights out of the month and only make an appearance once or twice in a group setting, you can still add a little sparkle to your wardrobe that won’t break the bank or clash with your daily lounge routine. 

Try a few silver or gold bangles like Christina Aguilera, or some dangle crystal earrings.  Even a headband with a small studded pattern on it can do the trick.

Nothing says just because you don’t have anything exciting to do today that you can’t look and feel your best, so show off your new year – new mind and add a little frosting!

Show it off –  More women need to recognize that the bod they’re currently rockin’ is pretty awesome.  Let this be the year you show it off!

Try out a different style neckline.  If you usually wear rounded necks, wear a V-neck.  If you like long sleeves, try out a 3/4 length or short sleeve.

Do you only wear black?  Try adding just a solid color or sparkly belt or purse to splash some color into your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to be sexy.  Confidence is the first step to gaining control of how others see you and how you feel about yourself.  Make that first impression in 2010 one that lasts all year round!

Why Hold Back?

Branch Out –   Okay, okay… we know it’s hard to see yourself wearing that great new outfit you saw on the runway or mannequin, but why can’t you wear it too!? 

Don’t limit yourself to one fashion style, step out of your comfort zone!

Looking outside the box and seeing yourself in a new style will boost your confidence and definitely help you see a better and bolder you that you didn’t know was inside yourself.

When you look great on the outside, you feel great on the inside.  Looks aren’t everything, but change brings new beginnings!

What’s something you love on everyone else but never tried to wear yourself?  Comment here, we want to know!

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